Backgammon Online
mac OS FIBS Client

• New Mojave dark mode user interface

• Polished user interface and 7 beautiful boards

• On FIBS, there are also very sophisticated bots of different playing strengths which are a serious challenge to even the most skilled Backgammon players

• Creating a new FIBS account is just a matter of finding a suitable user name, no web-site visits or personal informations required

• Automatic forced moves and bear-off

• Integrated FIBS Chat

• All aborted matches are automatically saved

• Finished matches can be saved in the MAT file format, which is readable by almost every professional backgammon software

• Ratings for each player are based on match results and other factors, thus you can easily find a player with your playing ability.

backgammon online OSX
MacBookAir Backgammon Online